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Fishing Products

Not sure what products you need for your trawler? Contact our support desk from Monday to Sunday during the office hours.


Made of the high-quality top-grade steel plates for an extra long service life.

Plastic Bobbins

We can make our plastic bobbins with or without steel, and/or plastic pipe inside.

Dish Bobbins

Made out of moulded rubber with a center hole.

Half & Spoked Bobbins

Our half & spoked bobbins are available with or without steel tube.

Spherical Bobbins

Made out of moulded rubber.

Round Bobbins

Our FUB type bobbins are round in shape and connected with a steel tube and flange.

Rubber Rockhopper

Made of recycled tyres, we use only the best tyres with only textile and no steel.

Moulded rockhoppers

Regular discs made out of moulded rubber. 1 center hole or several holes are possible.

Joint Rockhopper

2 pcs rockhoppers connected with metal pins made out of tyres to have extra heavy discs.

Tyres Disc

Made of car tyres with nylon, sizes 60 mm to 400 mm.

Moulded Discs

Regular discs made out of moulded rubber. 1 center hole or several holes are possible

Conveyor Disc

Small discs from small sizes 35 mm to larger discs up to 400 mm.


Different types of chain, rings, thickness of flange,. Fully customisable to your needs.


We can make toggles (also called jojo) in preferred sizes, we use high quality steel.

Rubber Spacer

Ideal to use between rockhoppers. We develop these in 2 types of rubber.

Rubber Wheels

Rubber wheels made out of the best rubber compounds. Used a lot for scalop fishing.

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With over 12 years of experience in steel construction, Deltarub offers tailormade and proven solutions for steel. Our products and technology are designed to help efficiency at every stage of the construction process.